Best Onsite SEO Tips to Get High Google Rank

May 4, 2008

As you know that SEO can be broadly divided into onsite SEO and offsite SEO. Some people say the both have 50:50 importance. What I think is that getting top Google position depends mainly, say 90%, on the onsite SEO. It means optimizing site for your targeted key words.

According to my experience if you have very few backlinks. like 100 or less and PR0, even then your site can be at first page of Google for your keywords.

What I have learned is that getting Google top positions have not much with external linking. Once your site in indexed, it means Google has stored your content in its database. Now Google applies its algorithm and generates the keywords for which your site is best. For example your web page is about SEO tips. Now SEO Tips is the keyword you are targeting. Now let me give you hints how can you get top position for this keyword (SEO Tips).

1) If you are able to purchase the domain like “seo tips” etc, or “great seo tips”… it will be helpful. Although this is not necessary. You can purchase “xyz”, too 🙂

2) Use your keywords in your title tag. Like “Great SEO Tips for beginners”.

3) In your keywords tag you may use these keywords: “SEO, Search engine optimization, tips, tricks, articles, seo help”

4) Meta description is not important for Google ranking. But it is displayed as a description of your website when your site shown by Google in search results. If encourages visitors to click on your site. So, you write. “This web page will provide you the tips, tricks and techniques to improve the SEO of your website, to get top Google position.”

5) In body, your page heading should be a H1 tag. This should contain your keywords. It may be like:

“SEO tips, tricks and techniques to get top Google position”

6) Then your first paragraph is very important. It must be at least 200 words long and should contain your keyword (SEO tips) upto 15 times.

7) Then in each following paragraphs, you must create a heading (using H1…H6 tags). Each heading must contain your words SEO tips in different natural formats. Like “SEO tips for beginners”, “advanced SEO tips” etc etc. Again in each of your paragraph of you must incorporate keywords at a rate of about 10% density.

8) In all the images of your website, you must use the ALT tag and give a description of your image. Don’t forget to add your keyword in the alt tags. Like for your logo image, your ALT tag may be like “Logo of abc site a source of SEO tips” etc. Use the ALT tags of all images.

But remember one thing, dont spam your keywords. Google may penalize you for this. Recommeded key words density by most SEO people is 5-8%. It means if your page has 100 words, then 5-8 should be your keywords. Not less and not much more………

9) You should make your site navigation really simple. It means, from every page of your website, you must be able to reach any other page just be 3 clicks, at the maximum.

10) Make a page called sitemap.html. This must contain all the links of the pages of your website. This will help Google to index all your pages, fast.

11) All of your page name must be very descriptive so that just be reading the name, users and Google must understand the theme. For example: “7-great-seo-tips” etc etc.

12) On each page of your website, there should be links of related pages of your website.

13) Ok, im tired now, Will write more later. Any how i like to see your comments and if you dont agree to my points or want to add some thing, it will be a pleasure 🙂

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  2. Nice post! The ideas and insights are very worth reading. You really gave me valuable information. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. indigent Says:

    indigent says : I absolutely agree with this !

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    Thanks,for giving me such valuable information.

  5. Kamal Says:

    Nice post, everyone like your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jerry Says:

    Good tips, can tell you know your stuff! Thanks for the insightful info.

  7. great tips I will use these!

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    great tips! i’m gonna bookmark this page. Thanks

  9. Blasco Says:

    Smart ideas about analytics , seo and how to drive
    traffic to my blog!

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