Free Traffic to Your Website

May 17, 2008

Traffic is the most important thing when earning money from your website. Without traffic, your website is nothing. Below, I will outline the 3 steps to getting more free traffic to your website.

1. Write Articles

Write good articles related to your website, and submit it to sites such as Then, include a link to your website at the bottom of the article. By doing this, people will come and read your articles, and click on your link at the bottom. Then, they would probably put your article on their website, and people form their website will see the link and click on it. Not only is this traffic free, but targeted.

2. Getting Involved in the Community

Get involved. Go to discussion forums related to your website and post. By including a link to your website in your signature, people will see it and once again click on it and visit your website. You should do this on at least 10 different forums, so that you will get a variety of traffic, instead of the same old people in the same old forums.

3. Joint Venture

Joint Venture is like a partnership. All you need to do is come up with a win/win plan. Link Exchange is one example. Make sure you link exchange with websites related to your website so that your traffic will be more targeted, rather than just random traffic.

Follow these steps, and you will see your traffic boost instantly.



2 Responses to “Free Traffic to Your Website”

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  2. Ranjna Says:

    Your blog is very informative for any visitor to know about free incoming traffic.I think that by using relevant keyword in articles & blogs is also very beneficial to free incoming traffic for target visitors.

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